The Art of Thrifting

Jiah Jewell, a 21-year-old student at UNR, has been thrifting for six years. He’s passionate about finding rare vintage garments at an affordable price. Jiah says that he will always be a collector first, but he also takes advantage of reselling classic pieces for extra money.

Final Challenge

I decided to create a visual piece to share my condolences to those affected in the recent Mexico City explosion. I used a classic picture of Mexico City that I found in the Library of Congress. I wanted my visual to be simple, straight to the point, and as respectful as possible. The original photo … More Final Challenge

Maker Profile

The Velano Vision: Exploring an Artist’s Passion for Creativity By: Cedrick Jahan “My biggest passion has always been creating art. I don’t see myself doing anything else.” At only 19 years old, Jesse Adriano is the owner and head designer of the clothing brand Velano. He strives to dig deeper into the roots of streetwear … More Maker Profile