Final Challenge


I decided to create a visual piece to share my condolences to those affected in the recent Mexico City explosion. I used a classic picture of Mexico City that I found in the Library of Congress. I wanted my visual to be simple, straight to the point, and as respectful as possible. The original photo was very bright so I lowered the brightness to make my text more legible, and so that it wasn’t very distracting to the eye. I used the font Courier New because it looks formal and doesn’t take away from the beautiful picture of Mexico City. I also didn’t want to choose a silly font because the visual is for a very serious issue. Lastly I decided to place a hashtag #PrayForMexico using the country’s colors. The colors I used for the hashtag are #b20707 (red), #f8f7f7 (white), and #0d6427 (green).

My creative process involved just trying to create a piece that brings awareness to the recent incident, and being respectful to the families that were affected. I placed the text above the city right where the clouds were so that it would be the most legible, and so that it would create some type of hierarchy. I used the shape tool to create a line that would separate the main message and the hashtag. I applied the hashtag so that the visual could be relevant to social media outlets like twitter and instagram. Overall, I’m proud of what I created because it sends a clear and respectful message.

Link to Mexico City article –> CNN Article


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