Maker Profile

The Velano Vision: Exploring an Artist’s Passion for Creativity

By: Cedrick Jahan


“My biggest passion has always been creating art. I don’t see myself doing anything else.”

At only 19 years old, Jesse Adriano is the owner and head designer of the clothing brand Velano. He strives to dig deeper into the roots of streetwear and share his passion for creativity. He believes that while a big part of your creativity comes from your environment, it also comes from your ambition to be different. He is a big advocate of exploring your mind and not being boxed into society’s cultural norms.


“My art is influenced by hip-hop culture, skate culture, and the great minds of Basquiat and Warhol.”


“The name Velano is a representation of how our ideas are rich and of great quality.”


“Velano represents the rebels, the outcasts, the open-minded; all of those who aren’t afraid to speak their mind and challenge themselves creatively.”


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